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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a park home?

A park homes is a modern, bungalow-style timber framed, detached home located on plots/pitches, on privately owned estates. Park Homes come under the definition of a caravan as defined in the 1960 Caravan Act. In law these homes are known as “Mobile Homes” and are covered by their own legislation, The Mobile Homes Act 2013. This is a legal document issued between the home owner and the park operator at the point of sale. They give residents complete security of tenure and they will be able to live in the home, on the development for as long as they wish. They are built to comply with British Standard BS 3632, which dictates stringent Health and Safety standards and requires high levels of insulation for year-round occupation. The homes are built in a large factory by one of our UK partner manufacturers, you may be able to visit the factory to see your home during the building process.



Are pets allowed to live on the development?


Yes absolutely, as a general rule there is a maximum of two pets allowed per home. All pets should be well behaved and of course not a nuisance to other residents. Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst walking around the development.



Are children allowed on the development?


We love to see children and grandchildren when they come to visit family and friends who live on the development. However, this is not allowed to be a child’s permanent address of residency.



Is Council Tax payable for park homes?

Yes. Council Tax is payable on park homes (as on all residential homes). The amount payable will depend upon the individual Council Tax band assessed by the Council Tax Valuation Office, the usually fall into band A or B.



Is stamp duty applicable when buying a residential park home?

No. Stamp duty is a tax payable on a transfer, conveyance or lease of land. As a park home owner, you do not own the land where the home is sited, so no stamp duty is payable.



Can a park home be passed on in a will?

Just like other property park homes can be passed on in a will, the new owner must be able to comply with park rules. This is of particular importance as the development has a minimum age restriction. The heirs can always sell the home if they wish.



What would happen if I wanted to sell my park Home?

You could market and sell your park home privately, to whomever you chose as long as they are able to comply with the park rules. Alternatively, you may be able to sell your park home to the park development. On any sale the park operator is entitled to charge a 10% commission based on the sale of the home.


There are set government guidelines to help you through a Park Home sale and these can be found here-


UK Government park home guidance



Can you get a mortgage for a Park Home?

Mortgages are not available for park homes. However, there are a range of finance companies that may be able to assist.

Talk to one of our park and home specialists and they will look at your personal circumstances and will be able to assist you to find a solution. Call 01184 173 740 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.



Do I need a Solicitor or Surveyor to buy a park home?

There is no legal necessity to appoint a solicitor or surveyor when buying a park home.



Can I choose my own home?

Absolutely, we have homes on the development that are brand new and turn key ready. But if you chose to bespoke design your home, we will guide you, along with our partner manufacturer, to design a home that best suits your needs. Choosing everything from the floor plan design to the bathroom tiles and the kitchen sink! Door frames can be made wider or worktops lowered for wheelchair access, as well as ramps into the home itself.



Are there any other charges I should be aware of?

Yes, to occupy a pitch on the development, a monthly ground rent is required. The ground rent will form part of the agreement (your Written Statement). It includes charges to cover the site’s basic running costs and maintenance. The ground rent is £295 pcm. You will also need to make provision for utilities that you use. Which will be metered and billed quarterly.